Investment Management

We have partnered with Stein International Investment Management, based in Gibraltar, to offer a bespoke service in Wealth Management and Tax planning products for our Offshore clients.

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About Stein International…

Stein International, based in Gibraltar, are the gatekeepers to carefully selected, world class handpicked Investment institutions and Financial Professionals. When it comes to picking Fund Managers, Stein filters and selects the brightest talents with strong track records, to provide our clients with a “basket” or portfolio of the top performing funds and Model Portfolios. Clients’ portfolios therefore benefit from a diverse approach as each of the selected managers have differing views and investments strategies from each other. No one is right all the time; a spread of the best alternative ideas reduces risk and helps maximise returns.

Thematic Approach to Investing

In this new investment landscape, we believe we can more easily see through the noise, identify value for our clients by focusing on global themes, rather than a traditional approach like “Top Down” investing for example. Stein’s Thematical Approach to Investment, comprises of 5 Global Themes Portfolios referenced to ‘’Green’’ Ecological, Social and Governance Funds credentials (ESG).

We use complex selection criteria to pick our themes and the funds that sit inside them. There are approximately 150 funds within our 5 Themed Portfolios which are available across the 3 main currencies. All of the funds have ESG ratings, many are Ecological, Social and Governance Funds (ESG) with independent ratings of BBB or above. 80% of the 150 funds picked by ourselves are AAA-AA or A rated. As far as we are aware, Stein is unique in this regard.

This Thematical approach to investment is designed to focus our attention on areas that the Investment Committee feel there is significant growth opportunities for our clients. The 5 Portfolios provide clarity, specialisation, and environmental credentials in a fast-changing investment universe.

Stein is an advocate of the use of Model Portfolios, provided by world class Discretionary Fund Managers (DFM), as a building block from which we add our bespoke “Thematical Approach” tailored, to our client’s priorities and approach to risk.


“We are aligned, it’s in our interest to make your money to grow”

  • Investment Planning – Building Wealth
  • Reviewing Existing Investments
  • Exit – Retirement – Pension Planning
  • De-Risking – Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
  • Providing An Income From Investments
  • Building and Maintaining Financial Independence
  • Intergenerational Wealth
  • Private Equity (Only Available to Specific Category of Investor)
  • Investing Under Trust

TAX & EFFICIENCY: Position portfolios in the appropriate Tax Structures for your current or future planned tax residency, thereby minimizing the effects of taxation during your lifetime whilst ensuring your assets pass as wished to named beneficiaries, tax efficiently and without probate delay